Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's just SURFING

burch and his blocks of foam

yard possum
4'8 of pure radness
dream rack

love this twinny
Mr.Wegener himself
Andy Davis

SHIT YEA !!. I dont even know where to begin . last night was the hydrodynamica project , and holy shit the place was filled with surf legends, wierd surf boards, artist of all kind ,beers, food, hot chicks, basically everything that us surfers love. I was losing my mind with all the killer asymetircal boards, simmons, twinnies, foam blocks.This show basically goes to show that a surfer doesnt need a standard tri fin ,pulled in nose . extra rocker . shit shortboard .This show got my head spinning so gnarly I couldnt even sleep I wanted to stay up and shape the raddest weirdest thing I could think of . You could ride whatever and it ALL comes down to "ITS JUST SURFING " no matter what you ride, youre having a blast , people are talking shit (cuz theyre jealous they didnt do it first ) . I love to enjoy waves and boards with my friends .they keep me stoked , theres no better feeling. so get the fuck out there and get radical and dont let people tell you what the fuck to do. BE YOU !! GO SHRED !

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